Celebrating National Minority Health Month



April is National Minority Health Month, raising public awareness about health and health care disparaties that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities. Through a partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Minority Health (OMH), Text4baby will be a part of many activities designed to bring attention to minority health.


As our valued partners, your help is critical in expanding Text4baby's reach to promote minority health by connecting women to information and resources during pregnancy and baby's first year.

Key Data Points and Engagement Efforts:

o Over 40,000 individuals have signed up for the T4B service in Spanish.

o Among the Spanish-language participants, 44% live in a zip code where over 25% of families live in poverty.

o Text4baby is reaching women in high-poverty areas: At enrollment, a higher percentage of Text4baby participants live in zip codes with the highest levels of poverty compared to the overall U.S. distribution. Click here to view a graph representing these findings.

o In February 2014, Text4baby named R&B Superstar and Grammy award-winning singer Brandy as the new Text4baby Celebrity Ambassador. In her role as Celebrity Ambassador, Brandy will promote the service through new public service announcements, special videos for Text4baby moms and social media.

o Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. joined forces with Text4baby in an effort to continue their long-standing commitment to promote healthier starts for babies.


Partner Resouces

Sample Social Media Posts
Text4baby Helps Connect Moms of All Nationalties to Criticial Health Information Blog
Text4baby: Reaching Latinas with Important Health Information
The Heckler Report

Text4baby Partners with Too Small to Fail and Sesame Street


Text4baby has partnered with Too Small to Fail and Sesame Street on a free text-to-parents program to deliver tips and parenting videos every other week on the importance of talking, reading and singing to young children.


The videos are intended to provide parents with ideas for fun, simple ways to boost their baby’s early brain and language development through everyday moments and routines.


Parents can get these videos through Text4baby. Just sign up by texting BABY (or BEBE in Spanish) to 511411.


For more information, check out: www.talkingisteaching.org.


Partner Resources

Sample Social Media Posts
Press Release

English Promotional Flyer with Hispanic Mom (high res/low res)
Spanish Promotional Flyer with Hispanic Mom (high res/low res)
Promotional Flyer with African American Mom (English/Spanish)


Text4baby Radio PSAs

Text4baby is pleased to announce the release of two radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs) in English and Spanish. The Spanish PSA was produced in partnership with the National Council of La Raza, the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. These 60-second radio PSAs are a great way to get the message out to more mothers about text4baby and how to sign up.

You can listen to and share the following radio PSAs by visiting our download center.
•    English: "I Am Pregnant"
•    Spanish: "Family Dinner"

Using the Radio PSAs in Your Community

Use these PSAs as part of your enrollment efforts by encouraging your local radio stations to play them. Since you are doing such important work and know your communities so well, you are in the best position to influence radio stations to play the PSAs. You can find a distribution list of all the radio stations where the PSA was sent on our download center so you can follow up with the stations who received the PSAs and encourage them to add the PSAs into their rotations. You can also download the PSAs and reach out to additional radio stations in your area to get the PSAs played.

Please keep in mind these advertisements are “evergreen,” which means they are not dated and thus can be promoted at any time.

Below are more resources to assist you in your efforts to undertake a local radio PSA campaign:

Text4baby and Rite Aid Help Moms get Free Flu Shots



Text4baby is partnering with Rite Aid Pharmacy and Johnson & Johnson for the second year to offer Text4baby moms free flu shots!


Last year across Rite Aid’s 4,600 stores in 31 states and the District of Columbia, our partnership helped more than 2,000 moms get this critical vaccine to protect themselves and their families against the flu.  We’re aiming even higher this flu season!

How it works:
  • Moms can sign up for Text4baby by texting BABY or RABABY to 511411 (BEBE or RABEBE for Spanish).
  • Moms enrolled in Text4baby will receive a text question starting September 18 asking if they want a free flu shot.
  • After replying “yes,” they will be sent a one-time, non-transferrable code they can use at their nearest Rite Aid store for a free flu shot.
  • Moms who misplace the code will be able to get it resent to them by texting “RESEND.”
  • New Text4baby moms (who enroll between October through February) will be able to receive a coupon code as well. Additional messages about the free flu shot offer will be sent out periodically.
Text4baby and Rite Aid are promoting free flu shots through:
  • Wellness Ambassadors who will educate women about Text4baby in-store.
  • In-aisle displays with details about Text4baby.
  • Video on www.riteaid.com encouraging moms to sign up for Text4baby.
  • Local events.
  • Social media promotion.
Partner Resources

Rite Aid Free Flu Shot Flyer

Sample Social Media Posts

Sample Newsletter Post

Rite Aid Store Locator

Last Year's Flu Module Findings

*Please note we highlighted the flu module and Rite Aid offer in a partner webinar held on August 27th. If you'd like a link to the presentation, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


*Flu shots are available while supplies last through February 28, 2015. Must be over 18 years of age. Only standard flu vaccine available for this offer. See Rite Aid pharmacist for details.

Text4baby Web Button

Our new enrollment button is a great way to show your partnership with text4baby and connect more women to critical health information. The enrollment button directs your website visitors who click on it to a simple registration form in a new window where they can sign up for the service. We will be able to track the number of enrollments that come from the button on your site, so you can know how many of your website visitors actually sign up for text4baby as a result of your button. You will have complete creative control over the placement and the content surrounding the button on your website.

IMPORTANT: There are five versions of the button available. The images below are just examples so you can see what the buttons look like; you do not need to save these images; the code associated with each button will supply the appropriate image automatically once you place it on your website. When customizing the button: please copy the HTML code from buttons below, and then add an identifier to the end of the URL after the = sign, example =Program Name. So the url should look like: "https://partners.text4baby.org/index.php/sign-up?url=ProgramName"


Please click on the links below to access the instructions and code. If, after reading the instructions, you have questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your detailed query.

Option 3: English; Size 728x90

Click here for instructions to use this button on your website


Option 4: Spanish; Size 728x90

Click here for instructions to use this button on your website


Option 5: English Sliding banner; Size 300x250

Click here for instructions to use
this button on your website