Free Text4baby App!


The free Text4baby app makes it even easier for you to get critical health and safety information! 


















As the perfect companion to the text messages, you can get more health and safety tips and access fun, interactive features, including: 


  • How your baby is growing each week

  • Your progress and medical updates

  • Appointment reminders

  • Fun quizzes


We know that Text4baby moms want even more information from Text4baby! The app allows moms to access important (and fun!) information that goes beyond the character limits of text messages. You can also look ahead to see what's coming in your pregnancy and all the way through to your baby's first birthday. The app works as a companion to the text messages, so when you download the app, you'll also be signed up for the text messages if you don't already receive them.


Since the app launch in November 2015, over 22,000 moms and dads have signed up via the app. We're hearing great things from new users, too!


"Text4baby is the best pregnancy app I've seen so far!" - Julia D. 

"I love this app! Being a new mom, this app has helped answer tons of my questions. It also allows me to see what to expect. Try it out, you have nothing to lose!" - Heather F.  

"Dads like me will love this! As an expecting dad and working full-time, this information is helpful to prepare me for the new addition to our family. I really like the signs of labor topic." - Josh K.  

 Download the app from the iTunes and Google Play stores by searching                                                            "Text4baby" or click below!