Spread the Word

You already know how helpful text4baby is in reminding you about key health and safety information and doctors’ visits. Now, share the love with the pregnant women and new moms in YOUR life! Here are a few tools to help you spread the word:


  • Type your email and your friends’ email addresses into this form and we’ll send an email about text4baby to your network, letting them know you think this is a great service! 
  • Download and print text4baby flyers to put up in your community. Grocery stores, salons, dry cleaners, drugstores, and other local stores usually have community boards for great programs like text4baby. Ask if you can tack up a flyer! Want to order a bunch? Get free printed materials here.
  • Pregnant women and new moms have lots of appointments to keep! Next time you’re at the doctor’s, daycare center, or childbirth class, tell the provider (and your classmates) about text4baby. Help everyone sign up together!