Businesses - Text4baby Basics

Businesses and corporations have a vested interest in the health and well-being of their employees and customers. Text4baby is an innovative and free way for businesses to encourage healthy behaviors on the part of employees and customers and promotional strategies can focus on one or both audiences. To learn more about the benefits to your company, download this factsheet.


Employee Outreach: Text4baby is pleased to announce that, through a partnership with Benz Communications, we now have the Text4baby Employer Toolkit for Employers. The Text4baby Toolkit provides employers with free, ready-to-use templates that can be customized and integrated into existing benefits communication programs and channels. The Toolkit includes a program information sheet, benefits guide content, newsletter/intranet article, wallet card, sample tweet and suggestions for promoting Text4baby. Free, print-ready promotional posters and referral cards, in English and Spanish, are also available.


Employers care about the well-being of their employees and there are financial reasons to invest further in maternal and child health. In addition to the tremendous emotional toll on families, preterm birth is one of the most expensive complications of pregnancy in the United States. Nearly half of the total $26 billion annual cost of preterm births falls to employers and other private insurers. Text4baby helps employers meet their goals to improve health education and outcomes. Download the free Text4baby Toolkit and Templates using the links below:


  • Employer Toolkit, including how Text4baby can benefit your employees and ways to integrate the service into your existing health promotion activities.
  • Employer Toolkit Templates for customization, including language for employee communications, newsletters, and social media properties.
General Information
Media Outreach
Cause marketing

Text4baby is a great service for a company to include in its corporate responsibility initiative or to promote through a cause marketing campaign. Text4baby is a safe bet for companies looking to leverage their brands: It's free, has the support of partner CTIA Wireless Foundation, the Federal government, and reputable national nonprofit organizations, and has extensive reach through its more than 1,400 partners. For more information on starting a cause marketing initiative around Text4baby at your company, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and stay tuned here for more resources.

Promotional Ideas
  • Put information about Text4baby in company lactation rooms (order free materials here).
  • Add a Text4baby web banner or button to your website’s homepage.
  • Include information about Text4baby in employee newsletters.
  • Post details about Text4baby on the company’s intranet.
  • Work with health plan nurse lines and case workers to have them provide information about Text4baby to pregnant women or new moms who call in.
  • Offer a brown bag "lunch and learn" on Text4baby for all staff.
  • Dedicate a table or booth to Text4baby at employee health fairs.
  • Hang Text4baby posters and offer tearpads in employee break rooms (order free materials here).
  • Incorporate information about Text4baby into existing prenatal education programs and wellness initiatives.