Health Plans - Text4baby Basics

According to the Census Bureau, 62% of women who have had a baby in the last year are in the labor force, and approximately 59% of all women in the United States receive their health insurance either through their own employer or their spouse’s employer. Pregnancy is the largest single direct expense for many employers and a leading cause of turnover. Insurers including Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, AMERIGROUP, CIGNA, and many others have recognized text4baby's value in reinforcing key health messages with the ultimate goal of reducing poor health outcomes.

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  1. Establish a text4baby Outreach Team with staff from various departments (e.g., wellness & prevention, disease management, maternal and infant health, provider relations, etc.) to identify communication channels where text4baby information can be distributed.
  2. Connect with other text4baby partners in your area and collaborate on hosting community events to engage moms and families.
  3. Tailor the press release template found below and distribute it with your logo and text4baby promotional plans.
  4. Include text4baby information in Medicaid enrollment letters.
  5. Place the text4baby logo, Web Button, and program description on your website.
  6. Post about text4baby on Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Include an article about text4baby with enrollment instructions and program benefits in member and provider newsletters, broadcast emails, and other communications.
  8. Customize text4baby posters, flyers, and tearpads with your company’s logo; then print and distribute to providers in your network. To access design files, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  9. Supply your employer account team with text4baby co-branded promotional materials to share with their employer clients.
  10. Use key holidays and health observations like Mother’s Day, Infant Mortality Awareness Month (September), SIDS Awareness Month (October), and Prematurity Awareness Month (November) to pitch a text4baby story to media contacts (TV, radio, etc.).
General Information
Media Outreach

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Check out interesting case studies from health plan partners for activities leading to successful text4baby enrollment.