Healthcare Provider Text4baby Basics

Doctors, nurses, midwives, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers (HCPs) are critical partners in getting their patients enrolled in Text4baby. Major medical associations have committed to promoting Text4baby to their members and physicians and nurses have taken a large role in reviewing Text4baby message content.


Healthcare providers are extremely busy. Fortunately, Text4baby helps support their work. Not only is Text4baby 100% free to both the patient and the provider, but given the limited time available for providers to interact with patients, Text4baby is an important tool to reinforce the scientifically-accurate health information that a provider wants to convey to each patient.

General Information
Media Outreach
Provider-specific Factsheets
Promotional Ideas
  • Send an email to your staff announcing your support of Text4baby and letting them know where they can find more information.
  • Put up posters in waiting areas and exam rooms.
  • Place the tearpads next to your check-in/check-out desks and encourage moms to take a sheet.
  • Have nurses and doctors keep a tear-off pad in the exam rooms as a reminder to talk about Text4baby with patients.
  • Tailor the press release template found here and distribute it with information about how Text4baby supports the work you already do to help mothers and infants.
  • Post theText4baby Web Button on your practice website - you'll be able to see how many patients enroll from your page!
  • Add a blurb about Text4baby and why you believe its a good tool to your website for patients.
  • Include information about Text4baby in reminders to patients and other mailings – tearpads are great for this!
  • Post about Text4baby on Facebook and Twitter - be sure to follow us @mytext4baby!
  • Host a “baby shower” in your clinic for pregnant patients and their families and distribute promotional items and information about Text4baby.