Local Organization Text4baby Basics

Text4baby partners working at the local level include individuals and organizations who provide direct services to women, build coalitions to support maternal and child health, serve in local government, and more. This is the most diverse category of partners and includes:


General Information
Media Outreach
Promotional Ideas
  • Send an email to your staff announcing your support of Text4baby and providing them with resources.
  • Add a Text4baby web banner or button to your website’s homepage (and/or the section of your site dedicated to maternal and child health).
  • Tailor the press release template found here and distribute it with your logo and Text4baby promotional plans.
  • Add a link to the Text4baby online registration page to your website’s homepage.
  • Add a web page within your site about Text4baby and how your agency is helping promote the service.
  • Include information about Text4baby in mailings to clients and partners.
  • Incorporate Text4baby into your social media efforts (like Facebook and Twitter). Retweet the posts from @mytext4baby. Click here for sample messages.
  • Host a “baby shower” at your facility for pregnant women in your community and their families and distribute promotional items and information about Text4baby.
  • If your agency hosts an annual Health Fair or other health-related event, dedicate a table to Text4baby information. You can borrow a Text4baby banner from us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..