State Organization Text4baby Basics

Text4baby's success relies in large part on the efforts of state-level partners to bring together diverse local organizations and passionate individuals to enroll moms in the service.


The Text4baby State Enrollment Contest, running every year from May-October/November, provides an opportunity for state partners to come together and represent their states. Learn more about the 2015 Text4baby State Enrollment Contest.


We've ranked the states according to a population-adjusted enrollment rate. You can see how your state is doing for enrollment since the program launched in February of 2010 and you can also see the total number of Text4baby users for your state here: Text4baby Enrollment Data.


General Information
Media Outreach
Promotional Ideas
  • Text4baby is supported by Outreach Partners in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. To get the most out of your promotional efforts, it's a great idea to connect with other partners in your community and state and share ideas and resources. View a full list of Outreach Partners by state.
  • In many states, one organization has taken on the role of "State Lead". To obtain contact information for your state's lead organization and get connected, click here. (This list was last updated in August 2012.)
  • To support state partners in winning the contest by driving enrollment in their home states, we have developed a list of specific action steps, based on best practices from other partners over the past year. Don't forget to send us your great ideas and success stories at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to the list!
  • Add a Text4baby web banner or button to your website’s homepage (and/or the section of your site dedicated to maternal and child health).