Training Center

Welcome to the Text4baby Training Center! Whether you are new to Text4baby or are a veteran looking for the necessary tools to train your staff, this site is designed to help you and your team effectively enroll women in Text4baby- a resource for you to reinforce the scientifically-accurate health information that you are conveying to pregnant women and mothers.

Here is a PowerPoint deck you can use to learn more about Text4baby and use for staff trainings: A Guide for Enrolling Patients and Clients in Text4baby



This presentation covers the following topics:


  • An overview of the Text4baby service, a tool for patient engagement and education.

  • Information about the integrity of Text4baby message content, as well as its interactive features such as appointment reminders, educational videos, mobile webpages, links to health-related services, and urgent health alerts on time-sensitive issues.

  • How partners can engage their staff to incorporate Text4baby promotion into daily activities, enroll women in the service, and access materials and resources to assist in their efforts.


Additional tools and resources to help you and your staff learn about Text4baby:


  • Show this video at staff meetings to provide a brief overview and provides instructions on how to enroll.


  • Use this Text4baby script for ideas on how to talk to patients or clients about Text4baby.

  • Refer to this Text4baby quick cheat sheet with talking points that can be printed and used when speaking with patients or clients.

  • Distribute this Text4baby flyer to patients, clients, and others in your network through mailings, educational packets, or during patient/client interactions to encourage women to enroll.



Get redirected to our partner pages for more information about becoming a Text4baby partner, case studies from other partners, and resources for spreading the word.


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