Cutting-edge health tech you can use at home

Text4Baby is a free text messaging service sponsored by the National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies coalition that sends pregnant moms and dads text messages during their pregnancy and their baby's first year covering everything from prenatal care to labor and delivery tips to car seat safety tips and more.

You'll receive three text messages per week and they'll give advice during your pregnancy like, "Week 24 - Call your doctor right away if you have signs of preterm labor: cramps, belly tightening, low back pain or bleeding" to advice when your baby gets older like, "Your baby is 6 months old! She should recognize faces, take turns 'talking' with you, roll both ways, sit & even try to stand & bounce with support." Additionally, for men who may not know better, you'll learn that your baby's mouth needs cleaning (even before its first tooth) with a wet washcloth, or get facts from the American Academy of Pediatrics who just announced new car seat guidelines, alerting parents to the fact their kids should now ride in rear-facing car safety seats until age 2, so they really cover a lot of material for new parents. In fact, 135,000 women have already signed up and their goal is to get this important health care information out to one million women by 2012. To sign up, all you have to do is text the word BABY to 511411 or, if you want to receive texts in Spanish, text BEBE to 511411.

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