Text4Baby Offers Prenatal Tips, Baby Care to New Mothers

The U.S. rate is higher than 40 other nations, which Amnesty calls deplorable and disgraceful. However, recently, the U.S. government and dozens of organizations have come together to provide prenatal health tips and baby care information for free, using innovative technology called Text4Baby.

Like many young Americans, Lorielle Jones loves sending messages on her mobile phone. "It's always with you, it always gives you this information," she says.

As a new mother to four month old baby Jah'Tae, Jones now receives free messages from Text4Baby, a partnership established by the Obama administration, the technology firm Voxiva and more than 100 other companies and organizations.

The messages address everything from setting up a nursery to vaccination reminders.


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Amnesty International has criticized the Obama administration for failing to address the high rate of infant mortality in the U.S.