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The Text4baby app provides an additional way for participants to access key information beyond the character limit of text messages. As a complementary tool to the SMS service, the free app offers additional content and interactive features that enhance the overall Text4baby experience.

We know that pregnant women and moms want even more information from Text4baby, and the information in the app builds upon Text4baby text messages by letting mom dive deeper into topics and allowing her to look ahead to learn about what's to come during her pregnancy or baby's first year. Moms who download the app (who are not already receiving the text messages) will automatically get signed up for the texting service as well.


App Features:


  • A weekly planning list of medical, developmental and lifestyle calendar items.

  • Polls that allow participants to see how other moms respond to topics like pregnancy symptoms, infant development and emotional experiences.

  • Appointment reminders scheduled via the app that will be sent through the text message service.

  • Helpful health hotlines and community resources.


Why now? Did you know that when Text4baby was launched in 2010, only 25% of our target audience of moms used a smartphone, whereas 89% percent of women in America owned a cell phone? Times have changed though, and according to the Pew Research Center, 57% of women in the US currently own a smartphone. With this dramatic increase of access to smartphones, we feel that now is the perfect time to offer an app to moms most in need; a benefit providing detailed information and support to help them through their pregnancy and baby’s first year.


App Results:

The app launched nationally on November 10, 2014, and is free to download from the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Over 22,000 participants have downloaded the app since we launched, and we've been getting great feedback!

Julia D. said, "Text4baby is the best pregnancy app I've seen so far!"

Heather F. said, "I love this app! Being a new mom, this app has helped answer tons of my questions. It also allows me to see what to expect. Try it out, you have nothing to lose!"

Josh K. said, "Dads like me will love this! As an expecting dad and working full-time, the information is helpful to prepare me for the new addition to our family. I really like the signs of labor topic."



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