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Tyler Zastava Story

Tyler Zastava

Wood County Health Department

I signed up for text4baby when I was pregnant with my daughter, Isla, who was born in 2011. I like that text4baby gives good reminders on a variety of topics. It's broad and doesn't focus only on one area.

As a health educator for the Wood County Health Department, I also refer patients to the service. The texts are great reminders for my patients. Texting has become a widely used tool in our department for communicating with patients. Being able to sign them up for a service that sends them two or three free texts a week takes the burden off of us a little. It is also great for them because they do not have to do much; the information just comes straight to them. The information is helpful for knowing what you should be doing or talking to your doctor about. Since I work in the field, I already knew most of the information, but the texts were still great reminders for me, specifically the shot reminders!